Weight Loss Tacoma

About Us


Harris Training Systems is a training program that is set up for each individual based on their own health, nutrition and training needs.  Our philosophy is threefold. We combine cardiovascular exercise, weight training, and proper nutrition to help you develop a healthier lifestyle. 
HTS is unique because we base your training on your individual needs. We monitor and guide your progress, one on one, each and every session.
Your trainer remains the same throughout the program so that your specific needs, injuries, strengths and weaknesses can be learned by your trainer.  This continuity is unique to our philosophy. 
Each session is documented by your trainer to allow you to see how you are progressing towards your goals.


HTS is also about instruction and education.  Success often comes from education and understanding.  The goal of training is to give you the correct form, posture, and techniques for training as well as proper nutrition and eating habits.  These tools will help you on the road to your fitness goals.

We offer these tools in a family-oriented environment that works with your busy lifestyle.