Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
We charge $325 for One on One training or $175 per person for Group Sessions (All charges are monthly). We recommend that you price our services and see how competitively priced we truly are. 

How long will it take for me to reach my goal? 
We recommend 3 months because it usually takes that long to get all three aspects of training working together.  The eating changes that are required are the last thing to come in line and then people really start to see big changes.  However, a person will see small changes all along the way like increased energy and a stronger sense of well being.

What do I wear?  
We suggest loose comfortable clothing and layers so you can cool off as you get sweaty.  This is not a club that makes you feel like you have to have matching outfits or special clothes.  Comfortable and homey is the environment we promote.

Who will be my trainer? 
We try to match people to the trainer that will best suit their needs, be they medical needs, sports, or a preference for male or female trainers. Unfortunately, some trainers are not available during all time slots.

How should I eat? 
We set up individual times to sit down and talk about eating.  We give examples and suggestions along with written material to help the clients make the best foods choices and eat more frequently throughout the day.

Are your trainers certified? 
Tyrone has been certified through ACE.  Lloyal and Margaret have gone through the theory aspect of certification through NETA but not taken the tests due to the cancellation of the session.  The practical training was taught by Tyrone and each of us worked under him until he released us to train others on our own.  The practical experience that our trainers have gained is much more valuable and extensive than what is gained by reading a text book.  HTS promotes individual training sessions modified to meet each persons needs and that cannot be achieved except through experience on the floor with clients.