Tyrone Harris
Owner, trainer and developer of this facility and program.  Tyrone has been a personal trainer for over twenty years and has combined his knowledge and experience gained over that time to establish this club and program.  Tyrone continues to modify and change the program based on the needs of the clients.  Tyrone was originally certified through A.C.E. (American College of Exercise) and has gone on to develop his own criteria for his trainers that work under him.  Experience and knowledge are his biggest assets which continue to build and grow.  You never stop learning.


Lloyal Harris
Trainer and bookkeeper.  Lloyal has worked at HTS since its inception in January 1997.  She is a registered nurse and brings her medical experience to the programs to help insure the safety and wellbeing of each client.  Lloyal often works with those who have medical issues which have included diabetes, fibromyalgia, Parkinsonís disease, high blood pressure, cardiac issues and post operative care of shoulders, knees, backs, ankles, hips, etc.  Lloyal has worked under Tyrone to become a trainer and has competed in body building 6 times to give her a well rounded base of knowledge for training.


Daniel Harris
Trainer and Maintenence. Daniel has worked at HTS since November 2013. He is Tyrone's brother and has extensive experience in the gym and in competitive bodybuilding. In February 2011, Daniel lost the lower portion of his right leg to Peripheral Artery Disease, and the long process of recovery and rehabilitation brought him to HTS full-time. Daniel brings a unique and powerful perspective to training, helping clients to overcome personal obstacles whether medical, physical, or mental.